2014 Showcase Loft Contest Winner

AU members were invited to vote for their favorite loft in the 2014 Showcase Loft contest. The winner is David Matis, from Portland, Oregon.

David's loft is a picture of practical application. The breeding and nesting areas are well put together and a nice size - making a roomy environment. The grate floor helps to keep the pigeons clean. The walkway is a nice size and the ease of sliding doors added to the mix shows he put a lot of thought into the layout of his birds' home.
The loft is a combination of style and practicality and illustrates the healthy housing necessary for robust birds, which reflects well on the sport.

David has been a member of the Mt. Hood RPC since 2008. He is originally from Romania. "I had my first bird when I was 10 years old. My father brought me the birds. I come to USA in 1997. I start to race homing pigeons in USA in 2008," David shared.
Enjoy more information about his birds at his website: http://www.mdcpigeonloft.com/

Pictures of his loft can be viewed on the AU website www.pigeon.org Info & Events, Showcase Lofts. While there, check out other past entries.

With this year's contest, he wins a free year of membership.  Congratulations David!

Thank you to all the participants for demonstrating the quality of care AU members provide for their birds. You reflect the sport well.

To view the contest loft entries, visit showcaselofts.html