Historian Interview Video

Art Hees on Breeding

Art Hees on Deep Litter

Bill Miller - Advice for Beginners

Bill Miller - Breeding Thoughts

Bill Miller - Changes in the Sport

Bill Miller - Clubs & Race Schedules

Bill Miller - Corn Cob Litter Use

Bill Miller - Double Widowhood System

Bill Miller - families of Birds

Bill Miller - Feeding Methods

Bill Miller - Introduction

Bill Miller - Mentors

Bill Miller - Old Bird Racing Team

Bill Miller - Post Race Routine

Bill Miller - Preparing for the Old Bird Season

Bill Miller - The Early Days

Bill Miller - Training Methods

Bill Miller - Weekly Race Preparations

Bob Capitola on Big Changes in the AU

Bob Capitola on PETA

Bob Capitola on the Drug Issue

Bobby Gonzalez - Acquiring the Campbell Strange Birds

Bobby Gonzalez - Background Information

Bobby Gonzalez - Breeding and Racing Goals

Bobby Gonzalez - Breeding Methods

Bobby Gonzalez - Breeding Season Tips

Bobby Gonzalez - Closing

Bobby Gonzalez - Friends in the Sport

Bobby Gonzalez - His Janssen Family of Birds

Bobby Gonzalez - Opening of the Interview

Bobby Gonzalez - Source Loft of Campbell Strange Pigeons

Bobby Gonzalez - Summary of the Bobby Gonzalez Story

Bobby Gonzalez - The Campbell Strange Friendship

Bobby Gonzalez - The Devriendt Family of Pigeons

Bobby Gonzalez - The Feather Foot Pigeon

Bobby Gonzalez - The GHC Connection

Bobby Gonzalez - The Grondelaer Family

Bobby Gonzalez - The Hekkenklak Family

Bobby Gonzalez - The Magic Maker Family

Bobby Gonzalez - The Super 73 Pigeon

Chuck Weaver on AU's Drug Testing Program

Chuck Weaver on Rick Phalen

Chuck Weaver on the Avian Service Center

Chuck Weaver on the Million Dollar Challenge

Chuck Weaver on Why Oklahoma City

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Ed Abramoski - Introduction

Ed Abramoski - Background

Ed Abramoski - Racing in Buffalo NY

Ed Abramoski - Strains of Birds

Ed Abramoski - Ed's Pigeons of 2007

Ed Abramoski - Old Bird Methods

Ed Abramoski - Young Bird Methods

Ed Abramoski - Breeding Methods

Ed Abramoski - Typical Week of Race Preparation

Ed Abramoski - Influential Racing Pigeon People

Ed Abramoski - Favorite Pigeon Books

Ed Abramoski - Happy & Sad Pigeon Racing Experiences

Ed Abramoski - 2007 AU Convention & Closing

Ed Minvielle - 5 Most Common Pigeon Ailments

Ed Minvielle - Adeno & Circo Viruses

Ed Minvielle - Canker Treatments for Pigeons

Ed Minvielle - Closing Thoughts to Help Beginners

Ed Minvielle - Coccidiosis Treatments

Ed Minvielle - Lice, Mites and Pigeon Flys Treatment

Ed Minvielle - Medication do's & don'ts during the pigeon breeding season

Ed Minvielle - Off-Season Canker Treatment

Ed Minvielle - Paramyxovirus (PMV)

Ed Minvielle - Pre-Race Season Canker Medication

Ed Minvielle - Pigeon Books & Videos

Ed Minvielle - Pigeon Pox Treatment

Ed Minvielle - Positive and Negative Gram Bacteria

Ed Minvielle - Quarantining Racing Pigeons

Ed Minvielle - Race Season Canker Medication

Ed Minvielle - Racing season medication do's and don'ts

Ed Minvielle - Respiratory Problems

Ed Minvielle - Salmonella and Ecoli Part 1

Ed Minvielle - Salmonella and Ecoli Part 2

Ed Minvielle - Salmonella (Paratyphoid) Vaccines

Ed Minvielle - Using microscopes and other tests to diagnose pigeon ailments

Ed Minvielle - Wet Canker

Freddie Rivera on Feeding in Florida vs Calif

Freddie Rivera on Great FVC Competitors

Freddie Rivera on his Bekaert Family

Freddie Rivera on Piet DeWeerd

Freddie Rivera on The SnowBird & GHC Classic Races

Mike Mailhes & Larry Johnson Background

Mike Mailhes & Larry Johnson on Breeding Methods

Mike Mailhes & Larry Johnson: Clubs & Race Courses

Mike Mailhes & Larry Johnson - Gift Birds

Mike Mailhes & Larry Johnson - Hurricane Katrina After Effects

Mike Mailhes & Larry Johnson - Influential Men In Their Lives

Mike Mailhes & Larry Johnson - Old Bird Flying

Mike Mailhes & Larry Johnson - Pigeon Family Strains

Mike Mailhes & Larry Johnson - Race Feed & Medication

Mike Mailhes & Larry Johnson - Thoughts on the Sport

Mike Mailhes & Larry Johnson - Using Droppers

Mike Mailhes & Larry Johnson - Widowhood Methods

Pigeoneer Charlie Wawro on Jungle Flying 2

Pigeoneer Charlie Wawro on Small Field Loft

Pigeoneer Ed Kovacik on Two Way Birds

Pigeoneer Jerome Pratt on Capturing German Lofts

Pigeoneer Jerome Pratt on Division Message Centers

Pigeoneer Jerome Pratt on Grounding German Birds

Pigeoneer Jerome Pratt on Two Way and Night Flying Birds

Terry Lynn - Advice for Beginners

Terry Lynn - Breeding Season Methods

Terry Lynn - Feeding

Terry Lynn - Origin of Get R Done Loft 

Terry Lynn - Impact Bird #1750 

Terry Lynn - Impact Pigeon Strains

Terry Lynn - Introduction and Background

Terry Lynn - Loft Design

Terry Lynn - Race Return Methods

Terry Lynn - Supplements and Medications

Terry Lynn - Old Birds Team and Methods

Terry Lynn - The Early Days of Racing Pigeons

Terry Lynn - The Breeding Program

Terry Lynn - Young Bird Methods

Tony Melucci on Morris Gordon

Tony Melucci on Old vs Young Bird Flying

Tony Melucci on the Rhode Island Club

Tony Melucci's Thoughts on Motivation