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Canadian and Caribbean memberships are $40 (US).
Yearbooks for sale for Canadian and Caribbean Members.

Family memberships for Canada $45 (US)

For those individuals that may have birds, however, are unable to race due to career, family commitments, etc., the American Racing Pigeon Union does offer a new non-competitive, non-voting membership.

The Patron Membership offers the bird enthusiast free quarterly newsletters, yearbook and zoning assistance. Promotional assistance is also available to Patron Members who wish to share their hobby.

By becoming a Patron Member (for only $20 per year), the bird enthusiast has the opportunity to sponsor avian research and preserve the pigeon fancy.

Only $15 per year
Non-competitive, non-voting membership offers the fancier free quarterly newsletters.

The newsletter, the AU Update, is a great publication that allows the Sponsor Member to receive information about what is going on in the pigeon fancy.

Typically, the Sponsor Member is someone who has had birds in the past and appreciates their contribution to our country and in competition and desires to support research, youth & mentoring programs.


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