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2021 Flying Clover RPC 200 Mile Youth Race (for kids only!)
September 25 or 26, 2021

Pigeon fancier, Mike Netzky, is hosting another race just for kids. No entry fees, no perch fees. Prizes will include trophies and certificates. Fun will be had by all and it will be educational. Regular updates will be provided! Must use legal AU, IF, CU and FMC bands. Maximum of 50 birds will be accepted (April 13 - May 14, 2021). Call first to make sure space is still available. Ship birds on a Monday or Tuesday to:

We hope you will join us!

Mike Netzky
10900 Botsford Lane
Petoskey, MI 49770

September 11, 18 and 25, 2021
2021 Western Colorado One Loft Youth Race 
This is for the kids!

Taking birds February 15 - May 15. There is a 2 bird limit and no replacements. Ship birds to:
Gary Weir, 60409 Old Rider Trail, Montrose, CO 81403.

This is a 3 race series starting with September 11, 2021, then September 18, 2021, and ending with September 25, 2021.

Contact Gary for details! weirgary6111@gmail.com or 970-417-3322

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