2013 Showcase Loft Contest Winner

AU members are encouraged to submit photographs and descriptions of their lofts, not only to take part in an on-line loft "beauty contest," but also to illustrate the variety of appearances that provide healthy housing for their homing pigeons. Each of the entries submitted in 2013 were excellent examples of attractive design, healthy environment and appropriate space. Some provided step-by-step photo records that help general public and beginners in the hobby see housing options.

Congratulations to the 2013 winner, Cary Elliot, from Friscon, Texas. Cary was raised in Hawaii and had pigeons as a child. He is a great example of someone coming back to the sport as an adult, after a 36 year hiatus. Cary shared that he built his loft differently for Texas than he would for Hawaii. The weather is warmer in Texas so he wanted good ventilation.

Enjoy the pictures he provided of his loft at the Showcase Loft web site page showcaselofts.html. Cary will receive his choice of Jim Brown art prints featured at book_and_prints.html

Thank you to all the participants for demonstrating the quality of care AU members provide for their birds. You reflect the sport well.


To view the contest loft entries, visit showcaselofts.html