2010 Showcase Loft Contest Winner

AU members are invited to submit photographs, plans and descriptions of their lofts to the Showcase Loft Contest each year. The lofts and information help non-racers understand what is necessary for a race team setting. It also helps beginners to see a variety of designs that they might consider for themselves.

There were four loft entries this year. Each showed a different layout and size, making it a challenge to pick one as a winner.

One entry stood out this year because of the simplicity and adaptability to racing, youth projects and release bird service. Many 
of the AU’s newest members can appreciate this style and adapt it to their own needs.

The 2010 winner is Kristoffer Manalokon from Port Orange, Florida. He is part of the Florida East Coast Club and has been in the racing sport for six years. His loft entry illustrates a compact and effective loft so often needed in smaller backyards.

Winners receive limited edition prints in the AU Convention Series by Artist Jim Brown, along with a winner’s plaque.

Congratulations to Krifsoffer!

Thank you to all the participants for demonstrating the quality of care 
AU members provide for their birds. You reflect the sport well.

To view the contest loft entries, visit showcaselofts.html