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January 19, 2007

Angela Gutilla and Sandy Gomez, Club Managers

RockCity Rangers 4-H Club Homing Pigeon Project

On behalf of the Rock City Rangers 4-H Club, we would like to thank you for your encouragement and support during the 2006 young bird racing season. The boys had a very successful racing year adding a new member, James Duke. James is an enthusiastic young racer who loves his birds very much.

Please join us in congratulating the boys on their fine accomplishments:

  • First Place, Average Speed, Rocket Loft, handler - Addison Gomez, 1224.736 YPM
  • First Place, Champion Loft, Red Baron Loft, handler - Johnny Gutilla, Total Points - 551
  • Fist Place Champion Bird, Red Baron Loft, handler - Johnny Gutilla, AU 06 NED 1173 BBWF Cock
  • Rookie of the Year, Duke Loft, handler - James Duke

Together with James, Johnny and Addison expanded their racing pigeon speech to include information on pigeon health and medications. The three boys placed first in the Rockwall County Fall Round-Up Educational Presentation Competition. Also, this past fall, Johnny and Addison were able to present their pigeon video to the Harvest 4-H Club in Collin County. The club was very interested in the project and will be forming a race team of their own for next young bird season. We are very excited to see our youth club growing.

Thank you very much for donating birds for the 2006 young bird season and for allowing Johnny, Addison and James to place their birds on the race trailer. The boys have enjoyed their fellowship with all the members of the Dallas Homing Pigeon Club. You are all wonderful mentors.

We would once again like to specifically thank the following people for their faithful support:

  • John Fontana for his leadership and devotion to our project and for his guidance
  • Patty and Vinny Montagno for their encouragement, support and public awareness campaign with the AU for our project
  • Durwood Parker for his support at the Harvest 4-H Club meeting
  • American Racing Pigeon Union and the Ladies Auxiliary for
promotion and funding for our project Addison, Johnny, James and the Harvest 4-H Club are currently accepting young birds for the 2006 young bird racing season. If you would like to donate a bird, please contact our sponsor, John Fontana at jfontanaloft@aol.com or 972-636-2568 to make arrangements for transport. Thank you for your interest and faithful support of the Rock City Rangers 4-H Club Pigeon Project.