Riverside Primary Center

Riverside Primary Center created an exciting way to get the students to read. Their teacher, Ann, shared a little about the process with us.

Originally they contacted Max Greb from the Harmony Invitational Club. They discussed the plan to incorporate pigeons into their reading program. To kick off the project, Max joined “Pigeon Man” for a student assembly and bird release.

Throughout the year-long reading competition project, students received points for their work. Each participant was banded, just like the pigeon leg bands. Each was given a pigeon with their name on it. When they earned 25 points, their pigeon would be put into Max’s loft. A replication of Max’s loft was in the school hallway. The pigeon race in the hallway was a huge attraction for all students. An additional special reward was pigeon poop candy. You will find a copy of the recipe in their PowerPoint presentation.

Students worked on research projects and also created the PowerPoint presentation Pigeon Heroes of WWI & WWII.

Because of the success Ann experience with students, another school district is planning to do the project next year. During the project, Ann shared, “. . . one fourth grade class has pulled ahead in the pigeon race! That means they have more points than any other class in the school! Having fourth grade actually taking part in this program like they are is wonderful, but having them be ahead of all other grades is phenomenal!”

The pigeon project had such a great impact on students’ reading improvement that Ann was asked to speak about the project to her School Board.

Take a look at their PowerPoints for information about the project and about pigeon service in World Wars I and II.

Reading Wtih The Pigeons (79 megs)

Pigeon War Heroes (14 megs)

The above two Power Point presentations will require the PowerPoint program or if you do not have this installed you can download the player here.