The Flying Tigers

HAPPY 3 WEEK BIRTHDAY -- (PowerPoint presentation)

Ronnie Shumaker is an instructional facilitator for the Meridian Public School District and a member of the Queen City Racing Pigeon Club. He started a new racing pigeon project at Harris Elementary.

The project, The Flying Tigers, involves about thirty 3rd & 4th grade students. Construction recently began on the new loft. Parents and students observed pigeons being single tossed and marked the sheets as each band number was read.

This is the fourth project started by Ronnie. His last project, Eyes to the Skies, was highlighted by a trip for his students to the AU Convention in Tampa, Florida. At the convention, the students visited flyers in the Spring Hill area.

Ronnie is hosting a one-loft race, New Ground Farms One Loft Race, to help raise funds to build the loft and acquire supplies needed for this project.

Dateline Meridian, MS, September 17, 2008

This morning Everett Stenman took our birds 20 miles to the North.

Release time 8:55 a.m. central

55 birds released

9:45 Only 4 birds dropped.

10:05 About 25 dropped.

At 11:00 a.m. we have 42 birds.

They did great from 12 miles yesterday...

Here you see the students looking for birds and calculating speed - 646 YPM for the first 4.

Race Results