Help-A-Beginner Program

The Help-a-Beginner program is made up of volunteers who want to help beginners (2nd year flyers) with advice & possibly some birds. Many good flyers & breeders across America donate their time and birds to help improve a beginner's chances of winning diplomas in their second year.

Often the beginners and Breeders/Mentors have established lasting relationships that span more than the one year a beginner is in the program. Moreover, many beginners have polished their skills to the point that now they are mentors in the same program that helped them. If you are applying to this program simply to get birds, then you are totally missing the point.

The Real Opportunity for this program is to talk One on One with someone who wants you to be successful and who wants you to enjoy the sport. Ask the how to questions of feeding, training, breeding, and medication. The answers are not complicated coming from someone who understands the problems that may occur, Especially since that someone has been there and done that generally before.

Qualification Requirements

You Must Belong to an AU Affiliated Club & be an AU Member in good standing.

You Must have Flown One, and Only One, Old or Young Bird Racing Season.

You Must maintain a loft in a Clean and Healthy fashion that is not detrimental to the general image of the racing pigeon sport.

If you qualify under these conditions, Submit your application for verification to:

ARPU PO. Box 18465 - Oklahoma City, OK, 73154-0465

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If you have birds you would like to donate, we will keep a log, and as needs arise, we will put you in contact with the Help-A-Beginner coordinators, new members, and various youth groups that would benefit from your generosity.

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