National Awards

The AU is the only national organization to implement a standard for competition. This adds a level of integrity and importance to our national awards.

Currently, members may apply for the AU Bird Hall of Fame, AU President's Cup and AU National Ace Pigeon Awards by uploading their weekly or end of season race results to the National Database via the Internet. Instructions for doing so are located on the National Database link on this web site.

AU American Champion All Distance and Long Distance awards, AU Breeder's Award, AU Long Distance Challenge, and AU National Speed Records must still be applied for manually. Deadlines for these awards are September 1 of each year. Additionally, the AU Registered Champion and AU Elite Registered Champion awards must currently be applied for manually. AU Registered Champion and AU Elite Registered Champion awards may be applied for at any time of the year.

Award application forms are found in the member annual AU Convention and Yearbook, which is distributed to all paid members each fall. An awards booklet is distributed to participants and winners are also listed in our January AU Update each year. Award Guidelines may be found on the Rules and Regulations link on this web site and also in the annual AU Convention and Yearbook.

The final standings for these award categories are found in the links below. Congratulations to all members that participate in the national AU Awards Program!

Award Guidelines

AU National Ace Pigeon