AU. Help-A-Beginner Application Form

Beginners Name ___________________   Street Address ______________________________________

City, State, Zip ___________________________   Phone _______________   Work __________________

Years in the Sport _____________________   Were you an AU. Member Last year ____________________

Did you belong to an AU Affiliated Club _______   Member of what Club _____________________________

Have you flown One YB or OB Racing Season ____________   How many races Flown   ________________

Club President ___________________________________   President Phone # _____________________

Club Secretary ___________________________________   Secretary Phone # ______________________

I am seeking AU. help with (circle One)   Young Birds     Breeders     General Info.

I feel I qualify and warrant help from the AU. Help-A-Beginner Program because:




I Hereby Certify, I meet all requirements for the Help-A- Beginner Program.
I also Agree to accept expense responsibility for shipping any pigeons to me.
I also Agree to keep the Breeder Updated as to all and any Successes as a
Result of His or Her help, as well as sending my Results in to the AU-HAB
Chairman at the end of the season.

Signature of Beginner ________________________________________

Signature of Club President ____________________________________

Signature of Race Secretary____________________________________

We certify that the above named applicant is a member of our club in good standing and has flown at least one race season, but not more than one young or old bird season.

Officers of the club have visited the applicant's loft and it appears to be clean and healthy and not a detriment to the image of the sport.

Return this application to the ARPU, PO Box 18465, Oklahoma City, OK  73154-0465 (405-848-5801)