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American Racing Pigeon Union
Shipping Incident Report

The AU is collecting information on shipping problems experienced by its members. If you have a shipping problem, please complete this form as completely as possible and submit it to the AU. Your assistance is invaluable to the AU's efforts to maintain reasonably priced and efficient shipping options for its members.

Contact Information
Incident Information
Date of Incident
(e.g., U.S. Postal Service, FedEx, UPS, etc.)
Airlines on which shipment would travel
(if applicable and if known)
Class of Shipment
(e.g., Express, Priority, Air Freight, Ground)
Postal Facility Shipment is taken to
(please include city, state and address and tel. no. of shipping office)
Destination of Shipment
Name of Shipping Clerk
Contents of Shipment
(e.g., 10 racing pigeons, etc.)
Description of Incident
(please be as detailed as possible)

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