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These handouts or registration sheets have been developed as a result of events that have occurred in the past.

To create your own, on a variety of colored papers, please click on the corresponding links to see a printable form for your own use. After downloading the form to your machine, you will be able to customize the flyer to your own event.

Flyer -Fun and Flight
(Adobe Acrobat )
Flyer G.I. Joe Sheet
( Adobe Acrobat )
Flyer - Thoroughbreds
( Adobe Acrobat )
Wanted Poster -No Contact
( Adobe Acrobat )
Wanted Poster with Contact
( Adobe Acrobat )
Flyer - How About Homing Pigeons?
( Adobe Acrobat )
For the below and other materials, please contact the:
AU National office at 405-848-5801 or aupromo@aol.com
G.I. Joe Postcard Thank You Postcard
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