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First AU Limited Print Edition By artist Jim Brown


The first of its kind. The first in an annual series measuring 18"x22" Announcing the first availability of Limited Edition prints in the AU Convention Series by artist Jim Brown.
Moon phases marked time for Native Americans, and noted important transitions or beginning points. This painting of an arrive race bird announces the beginning of the AU Convention print series.

With Oklahoma's great native American heritage, the theme was obvious. The swallows depicted on the large shield are messengers of the spirit; one carries a medicine bundle to assure harmony and happiness. The use of green in the background symbolizes live. The braided sweetgrass represent the intertwining of the people. Falls of rooster feathers, fluff, and trade bells announce good news. Glass Mountain, (lower right); at sunrise is intersected by the yellow bar of discovery or awakening.

The sky merges from pink to blue and is divided by a white bar of wisdom. One the left, top, the sky darkens and merges into the black bar of introspection. Below are the Quartz Mountains and buffalo range of south-western Oklahoma under a new moon and twinkling stars. Bottom center, between the falls adorned with trade bells and goose feathers, appears the last color bar of green (innocence) of the medicine wheel.

Second AU Limited Print Edition By artist Jim Brown
The 2000 AU Convention limited prints are now available. Second in a series of prestigious prints, this impressive painting was first presented at the 1999 AU Convention in Baltimore, MD.


After witnessing the twenty-five hour bombardment of Fort McHenry by the British Navy, Francis Scott Key penned the immortal Star Spangled Banner on the back of a letter. The background of the second in a series of AU Convention paintings depicts the thirty by forty-two foot flag that was so valiantly waving at dawn's early light at the harbor entrance.

Beneath the flag, Maryland's fabled Eastern Shore, home of the blue crab and a variety of waterfowl, offers a solitary waterman its bounty. Bay history and tranquility are ever present. The Wye Oak State Park in southern Maryland is home to the fabled Wye Oak, which has seen at least four hundred and fifty years of history in the making.

It is the oldest and largest of its species in America. One mile north of the village of Sharpsburg is the Antietam National Battlefield where nearly 128,000 Americans clashed in the bloodiest single day battle of the Civil War. The little Dunker Church, monuments and exhibits mark the site of the Confederacy's first northern invasion and honor those that fell that day.

Western Maryland's Revolutionary War heritage is remembered and relived at many locations by re-enactors, history buffs, and visitors each year. One of the First Maryland Volunteers is shown firing a muzzle loader. Maryland, often dubbed "America in Miniature," has contributed much to America's history and Baltimore is an appropriate AU Convention host as we approach the year 2000 !

Each of the Jim Brown works in the AU series will be released at the respective convention. This is the first of the foundation to build your limited edition collection.

Third AU Limited Print Edition By artist Jim Brown
This year's AU Convention painting touches on a few areas in tribute to the great state of Michigan and Detroit, the seventh largest city in the United States.

It seem natural to hold the AU Convention in the first year of our new millenium in Michigan, our 26th state, a state rich in heritage in it's own right. Admire the Sanilac petroglyphs created over 1,000 years ago by an ancient woodland people, retrace the early explorations by Jaques Marquette, discover numerous lighthouses adroning 3,200 miles of shoreline on four of the five Great lakes, and enjoy the excitement of the crown jewel of the state, Detroit. The apple blossom adopted as the state flower in 1897, still tantalizes the senses with it's alluring aroma in the spring in the Motor City and surrounding environs.

Named by Antoine de la Cadillac, "Ville d'etroit" or City of Strait, the largest city in Michigan is regarded as the birthplace of the auto industry. Henry Ford's first "horseless carriage" rolled out of his backyard workshop onto Detroit's Bagley Avenue on June 4, 1896 and appropriately enough, the city can lay claim to the first mile of paved concrete road (1909), the first traffic light (1915), and our America's first urban freeway in (1942).

In addition to the 2000 AU Convention, Detroit is home to professional basketball, hockey, baseball, and football. An aray of arts, entertainment, museums and other attractions are offered in the Motor City and surrounding area.

Fourth AU Limited Edition Print by artist Jim Brown
(under construction)

he Greater Tampa Bay Combine hosts the "Big 01" AU Convention in Clearwater, Florida.

Becoming our 27th State on March 3, 1845, this 58,560 square mile tract of land was inhabited nearly 12,000 years ago. Ponce de Leon came ashore in 1513 near present day St. Augustine. Spain established the first permanent European settlement there in 1565. British, French, and Spanish traditions still remain. Spain ceded Florida to America in 1821 and a growing population brought pressure to remove the Indian peoples from their lands. Osceola was a Seminole war leader who refused to leave his homeland.

Today, segments of the Seminole and Miccosukee tribes reside in Florida. The Sunshine State is home to several major U.S. corporations and international airports. Its university and community college systems are noted for excellence. High tech industries abound and the U.S. space program continues to bring media attention to the state. The citrus industry and tourism remain important and are bolstered by large capital investments. Florida's large theme parks in the Orlando area bring millions of visitors to the Sunshine State from around the world. Over 650 miles of sandy beaches, amazing sunsets, sea shells, marine life, lush flowering foliage, and hospitable weather combine to make the year's AU
Convention-vacation one to remember.

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